Millet World’s Leadership

Millet World

Board of Directors



Mr Sun Yu-li

Singapore-based sculptor, master artist and former architect


Sun Yu-li is one of Singapore’s leading artists. Born in in 1948 in Nanjing, China, Sun later migrated to Taiwan and the United States to study architecture.  Since moving to Singapore in 1981, Sun has been pursuing a second successful career in visual arts, most notably in sculpture. His works can be seen all around Singapore from the Singapore Art Museum to the Suntec City. Sun’s works are underpinned by architectural logic and conscious interactions with the immediate environment. Sun founded Sculpture Square and was a founding member of Emily Hill.



Board Members


Dr. Kho Choon Joo

General Partner of Bioveda Capital Pte Ltd


Dr. Kho Choon Joo is a General Partner at BioVeda Capital. He has more than 20 years experience in research and early stage investments at Lian Huat Group, IQKidz, PSB Academy, Zymogenetics, Calgene and Australian Proteome Analysis.



Ex-officio Board Members


Mr Colin Goh, CEO

The RICE Company Limited


Colin Goh is the CEO of The RICE Company Limited. He currently serves on several boards including Satin Credit Care Limited, Caregivers Asia Pte Ltd, Board of assessor for Inter-Cultural Theatre Institute Singapore, Strategic advisor to Mercatus Capital Pte Ltd, Singapore Makers Association Ltd (SGMA) and 广州市奥恒斯投资有限公司. Colin is co-founder of The RICE Company Limited, which he established after stepping down as CEO of The Old Parliament House Ltd in 2014.