Millet World

Millet World

Reimagining Spaces for Tomorrow’s Businesses

About Millet World

Catalyses creative collaborations and enhances the value of shared spaces

Established in 2016, Millet World (MW) seeks to explore and create new frontiers in place/space management by enhancing built assets in Asia through the activation of arts and creative domains. Specialising in creative placemaking and space management, Millet World creates value for “under-utilised”, “under-performing”, and “found” built assets for owners through Re-conceptualisation; Re-vitalisation and Re-capitalisation.

Through its signature platform, the Millet World Trading Post, a series of physical and digital platforms will be established in targeted regional markets such as Malaysia, China, India, Greater Mekong Region (Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia) and Indonesia to encourage innovation and facilitate business deal flows for Singapore and regional SMEs.