Millet World Trading Post

Millet World Trading Post

Building Sustainable Regional Platforms for Businesses and Communities

About Millet World Trading Post

an integrated physical and digital platform connecting businesses and communities

Millet World Trading Post (MWTP) is a series of physical and digital regional platforms to facilitate business deal flows. These platforms act as a nexus for the confluence of innovation and business, providing opportunities for Singapore SMEs to “grow in a pack”, collaborate and make inroads into new markets.

By facilitating a pipeline of activities such as workshops, talks and conferences on the latest innovation trends, MWTP also serves as a centre for business exchange.



How MWTP Works

The concept


Inspired by the historical trading posts of the past which subsequently lead to the establishment of port cities, Millet World Trading Post (MWTP) is a 21st century physical and online platform which serves entrepreneurs around the region to access new markets, identify new opportunities and develop collaborations within a safe and exclusive network.

MWTP supports the arts and creative industries. With more than 200,000 sq ft combined space under the management of Millet World, MWTP will provide inexpensive spaces for artists and creative entrepreneurs so that they have ready access to markets and audiences across geographies and cultures.


Where to find MWTP


The Pavilion @ Far East Square

10 Square @ Orchard Central

Northpoint City North & South Wing

20 Temenggong Road

Platform E by SIM

Launchpad @ Temasek Polytechnic 

Fujian/Kuala Lumpur/Manila/Melaka

Coming soon

Getting started

We work on a membership subscription basis. Depending on the membership package subscribed, you will have access to a variety of spaces, ancillary facilities, events and activities. Contact us to find out more!