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Millet World


Board of Directors



Mr Roland Ong

Roland Ong has been in the IT, Internet and Education industries for almost 20 years, and has been in the PC games distribution business since 1995. Roland played a key role in bringing World of Warcraft to China, Taiwan, Hongkong and Macau. He also spearheaded a joint venture between the ST Group and C9i Ltd., and served as its Co-Chief Executive Officer. He was a pioneer in Game and Education content distribution, representing more than 20 software publishers such as Vivendi Universal, Encyclopedia Britannica and Disney Interactive, in Southeast Asia. Mr. Ong is the cofounder of IAHGames and has won rights for AAA online games, FIFA Online 2 and Counter-strike Online with a gamer base of more than 35 million.  



Director, Lead Strategist


Mr Chinn Lim

Mr. Chinn Lim has been in the IT business for more than 25 years. He started his career as a systems engineer building military simulators for MINDEF, and after he left, continued his career working on high transaction systems, cloud platforms, and SaaS applications.

In 2006, Chinn founded his own company, which was acquired by Autodesk eight years later. At Autodesk, he spent a couple of years as a Software Architect with Autodesk Cloud R&D, and then moved to work with governments to deliver solutions in the Smart City space, and other national platforms.

He graduated from NUS with a degree in Knowledge Engineering, and attended Stanford for his MBA. His love of lifelong learning continues today with MIT in the area of entrepreneurship and driving innovations.



Ex-officio Board Members


Mr Aravind Vasu

Aravind is an entrepreneur and a business development professional with over 35 years experience and an extensive business network covering South East Asia, India,  UK and West Africa.

He serves as the Investment Director at Mercatus Capital Pte Ltd where he raised over USD $30 million in Seed, Angel and VC funding for portfolio companies. He has also served as Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances of MatrixView Ltd, a technology startup which listed on ASX.  Aravind was a Business Development Consultant and Corporate Director for a Malaysian conglomerate where he worked on several Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions and Privatisation of Government Assets in Financial Services, Logistics & Warehousing, and Tourism.


Mr Colin Goh

CEO, The RICE Company Ltd

Colin Goh is the Executive Director of Millet Holdings Pte Ltd and CEO of The RICE Company Limited. He currently serves on several boards including Satin Credit Care Limited, Caregivers Asia Pte Ltd, Board of assessor for Inter-Cultural Theatre Institute Singapore, Strategic advisor to Mercatus Capital Pte Ltd, Singapore Makers Association Ltd (SGMA) and 广州市奥恒斯投资有限公司. Colin is co-founder of The RICE Company Limited, which he established after stepping down as CEO of The Old Parliament House Ltd in 2014.