Accelerating the Creatives


1 / Catalysing growth for the arts, creative and technology industries
2 / Collaborating on innovation and opportunities where industries intersect

About Millet

an accelerator that leverages impact investing to support creatives and entrepreneurs in the region

Millet was incorporated on April 2016 as a wholly owned subsidiary of The RICE Company Limited (TRCL) as part of TRCL’s end-to-end roadmap to provide access, opportunities and employment in the arts and creative industries for all.

Each of the four corporate entities is positioned to capitalise on market opportunities in alignment with Millet’s strategic vision “Accelerating the Creatives”.

Millet Holdings (Millet) has three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Millet Capital Pte Ltd, Millet World Pte Ltd, Millet World Trading Post Pte Ltd and one joint venture company – Metaverse Systems Pte Ltd in 2017.